Getting Back to Business

Three tips from Daymond John

Shark Tank USA host, longtime friend of Starkey and wearer of Livio Edge AI Daymond John has been kind enough to provide us with some helpful insights for navigating these challenging times. Check out his top three tips for preparing for a “new normal”:

1. Lead with your why

During these uncertain times, it can be easy to lose sight of your purpose. Go back to the fundamentals and ask yourself, “what is my why?” This process can help refocus your strategy as we approach the recovery phase of the pandemic. Like you, Starkey is in the business of helping people hear better and live better. That’s why we aim to serve you, the hearing professional, better than anyone else. Leading with this mission has allowed us make vital decisions in ensuring the long-term health of our partners, patients, and our business.

2. Capitalize on your business model

As a small business, you enjoy the perks of being agile and having close-knit, one-on-one relationships with your patients. During the time of stay-at-home orders and self-isolation, your patients are likely realising that they need your services now more than ever to stay connected and engaged. Despite being physically closed or having limited hours of service, brainstorm ways you can use your small business benefits to your advantage. Perhaps that means making personal phone calls, sending targeted email communications or using Starkey’s Hearing Care Anywhere feature for minor adjustments. Being accessible to patients during these times will ensure you can market and sell to them when they are ready.

3. Share your challenges and allow others to help

During these unprecedented times, the entire world is looking to collaborate to solve problems and share success. Be transparent with other small businesses in your community. They are likely experiencing the same challenges as you. Are there ways you can collaborate? That may look like a mutually beneficial referral program or simply sharing best practices that can be tweaked for the hearing healthcare industry. Most people want to help in any way they can. Give them the chance by being open and sharing your challenges with them.

We are committed to navigating these uncertain times together. We hope you take comfort in knowing we are there with you every step of the way. We thank our friend, Daymond John, for offering his words of wisdom and for being a partner in better hearing.