Hearing Care Anywhere

Give your patients the edge with Remote Programming

Patients deserve the best hearing possible and also the best service possible.  Our remote programming feature allows professionals to easily and quickly provide hearing aid adjustments without the need for a face-to-face meeting. 

This course will focus on how to use the software to serve individuals with health, mobility or travel challenges and will outline the many benefits remote programming provides to both patients and professionals. 

Below you will find links to the recording of our webinar, a copy of the PDF of the presentation for your reference, and some key reference guides to download.

Here are some key PDF resources for you to download and save:

Finally: we’re very pleased to inform you that the Thrive Hearing Control app has been updated to open remote programming in response to COVID-19. This change will bypass the requirement that the remote programming feature be enabled first in the Inspire software and will allow for immediate remote programming support without the patient needing to visit the clinic.

We will be communicating more on this over the coming days, and you can find out more about the announcement here.