Hearing Technology’s Leading Edge

Next-generation sound with Livio Edge AI

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the hearing health industry. 

We redefined hearing aids with the introduction of the world’s first multi-purpose Healthable hearing aid with embedded sensors and artificial intelligence.

There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests an association between hearing aid use and a reduced risk of physical and mental decline. This makes it more important than ever to deliver the best hearing performance, first-to-world Healthable hearing technology features, and the ability to connect with the world of information.

This course will highlight the future of hearing technology by providing a glimpse into the products and features your patients want and demand. These include the next generation of rechargeable technology, custom products, and Healthable hearing technology features.

Watch the webinar and take the quiz:

Submissions for the recorded endorsed webinars are completed at the beginning of each month and you will receive your certificate at that time.

Here are some key PDF resources for you to download and save:

Endorsement details:

  • ACAud Endorsed: 202014 (2.5 CEP points with passing quiz)
  • AudA Endorsed: CPD2021 002 (Category 1.2) (1.5 CPD Point)
  • HAASA Endorsed: CPED2018-2020 (2020-011) (2 CPED points with passing quiz)
  • NZAS: 1 CEP Point upon completion of quiz

In order to obtain these points, you need to attend the seminar and complete the quiz. Audiology Australia members must additionally complete the CPD evaluation and reflections questionnaire.

If you would like more training on our exciting new products, you can also take our series of endorsed post-launch webinars online:

View more resources on the Livio Edge AI range: