Livio Edge AI Launch Webinar Series #1

Giving your Patients the Edge with Livio Edge AI and Livio AI for All

Starkey offers the most advanced hearing aid technology to provide the leading edge of sound quality and improved hearing for your patients. And, with Starkey’s invention of healthable technology, clinicians can also support for a patient’s general health and wellbeing. 

This session provides a detailed overview of Starkey’s newest healthable hearing technology features specific to the new Livio Edge AI devices, An overview of Livio AI for all technology levels and features and a review of our Hearing Care Anywhere remote programming feature.

Below you will find links to the recording of our endorsed Give Your Patients the Edge with Livio Edge AI and AI for All webinar, a copy of the PDF of the presentation for your reference, some key reference guides to download, the quiz and CPD reflections questionnaire, and professional endorsement details.

Watch the webinar:

Here are some key PDF resources for you to download and save:

The webinar is no longer endorsed for professional development points.

You can also view the other two endorsed post-launch webinars in this series online: